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Canoga Park California


Self Portrait

Florinda Strimel grew up in Philadelphia. She was always very creative even in childhood, writing poetry, drawing or creating ceramics. She followed her dreams throughout high school, even taking some classes at Moore College of Art in Philadelphia. Then she was off to Penn State University and Bachelor Degrees in both Art and Science in Art Education.

After graduation, Florinda taught high school in the Greater Philadelphia area before spreading her wings to see the West Coast and moved to California. After seven years of teaching all subjects other then art, Florinda knew something was missing.

Then, while recuperating in a hospital after an accident in 1999, she was introduced to paper cutting by her mother. She found it to be very calming. Florinda went back to school and became a full-time Graphics Designer, but papercutting is what she likes to do in her spare time. Her computer talents helps her draw and create designs that she then uses as templates for her cuttings.



What inspires Florinda to cut is seeing something original she likes or thinks would make a good cutting. For example, she looks at a group of animals or a picture and wonders about the design aspect of positive and negative shapes. She creates her sketches using Adobe Illustrator software. She uses the printout of the sketch as a template to cut out the black paper. sometimes she ever cuts the template out so well she can use it as a reverse and put it on a black sheet of paper and have two cuttings yet positive and negative.

The template has the added advantages of resizing and protecting the underlying black paper. Although Florinda has created papercuts also using colored papers, her preference is for black paper. Most of her work is done with scissors and in the small places sometimes she uses a blade. She uses a variety of scissor types, including cuticle scissors which have a natural curve for rounded areas.Some times the piece becomes a puzzle of sorts having so many little pieces to have to apply to the paper seperately. I have done a few where I ended up having extra pieces I didn't use, but don't tell anyone.

three birds
Three Birds

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